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Designers and Manufacturers of Equipment for People With Disabilities

We have been helping clients throughout the UK to achieve independent lifestyles, with the aid of technology, for over 40 years. Our Door Openers, Window Openers and other Communication and Security Equipment can be tailored to meet a client’s specific needs/abilities. We believe everyone should have independence in their own home or anywhere they may wish to visit.

Access Controls

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Door Openers

Ridley Door Openers will work remotely with almost any doors, allowing them to not only be used by someone who has problems unlocking and opening a door but other keyholders who can still open and close the doors as they would have before our door opener was installed, whilst maintaining security.

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Door Latch Release Systems

Ridley Door Latch Release Systems will work with almost any doors, allowing a client to identify a visitor at the their door and enabling them the facility to grant or refuse access without having to go to the door itself.  The user has the ability to unlock the door from within the property whilst maintaining security.

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Gate Openers

Ridley Gate Openers will operate remotely with almost any gate, allowing them to be used by someone who has problems unlocking, opening and closing a gate as well as other people wishing to use the gate as they would have before our Gate Opener was installed.  Our gate opener can also operate with a variety of locking methods so security can also be maintained.

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Environmental Controls

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Window Openers

Ridley Window Openers provide the capability to open and close most types of windows with ease, despite their height or position in your home. They can be operated using a remote controlled transmitter or a switch local to the window.

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Curtain & Blind Pullers

Our Curtain and Blind Pullers can give the client independent control of their curtains or blinds with a hand held Transmitter or an appropriately sited Smack Down Lever Switch. 

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Smart Home Technology

Smart Technology is now prevalent in domestic properties up and down the United Kingdom and can help make using a variety of appliances, sockets or other features within a property accessible to all. They can be utilised through a smart phone or tablet, voice command or other hands free systems.

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We manufacture many types of alarms to assist clients who need to raise assistance, whether a person has fallen, or they are entering an area which may be hazardous and a carer/family member needs to be notified.

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Methods of Control

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Radio Frequency Transmitters

Radio Frequency Transmitters can be used to operate our Door and Window Openers as well as other equipment or devices you already have in your home. Our Transmitters come in a range of sizes; Miniature, Standard or Smack Down Lever meaning they can offer a method of operation to suit most client’s dexterity. They can also be used to operate more than one piece of equipment giving more independence. All of our Transmitters can operate our equipment from approximately 60 metres and if required they can be worn on a Lanyard or attached to a Keyring or velcroed to a Wheelchair or Scooter if this could assist the client.

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Transmitter Switches

We produce a range of radio frequency switches which can be programmed to operate any of our radio frequency equipment as well as some third party equipment. The most common switch requested by clients is our Radio Frequency Smack Down Lever Switch.

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Swipe Tag Readers

A client who requires a hands free method of operating our Door Openers may wish to consider either using our Short or Long Range Swipe Tag Reader(s) as they enable the Door open/close function to performed at a distance. They can also be used to provide a warning that someone may be about to enter an area which puts them, or others, at risk.

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Security Equipment

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We offer a range of methods to assist clients with security including:

Automated Locking Systems

Our Automated Locking System is multi-dimensional, it can either be used to keep someone in or keep someone out. We can install this system onto a door, gate, window, or cupboard which will ensure they can only be opened by a person who is in possession of a tag, if this is not the case they would remain in the secured state.

Maglock Locking System

The MagLock Locking System is an electromagnetic locking system which can be fitted to windows, any type of door including cupboard/storage units and draw units to offer additional peace of mind whether that be down to the need for extra security or to stop a person from injuring themselves.

Video Door Latch Release

Our Video Door Latch Release System allows a client to be alerted to a visitor at their door via a fixed video monitor which are placed in a convenient location within their home.   The monitor is connected to a doorbell camera or visitors panel which can be used to both see and speak to the visitor.  If the client wishes to let the visitor in the door may then be released using a button on the monitor or via a Transmitter. Additional monitors can be added so the client can be informed of any visitors at all times.

I had an automatic door opener fitted on my front door and a window opener fitted in a couple of rooms and they are great. They were very helpful when I was ordering and the guy who came to fit it was very nice and could not have been more of a help. They managed to install it pretty quickly and its been brilliant being able to be more independent, my carers definitely appreciate it as well!

D Matthew