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Door Openers

Ridley Door Openers will work remotely with almost any doors, allowing them to not only be used by someone who has problems unlocking and opening a door but other keyholders who can still open and close the doors as they would have before our door opener was installed, whilst maintaining security.

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Suitable for any doors

We can work with your existing doors or new doors whether they are Single, Double or Sliding doors.  They can be made of Wood, UPVC, Composite or Metal.  The small mechanism can be mounted on the inside or outside of the door, whilst the power pack (the box with the clever bits in), can be located up to ten metres from the door concerned; possibly in a cupboard or in a loft.

Easy to use

When our door opener is given the command it will first unlock the door, then open the door to a full 90º.  A small hand held Radio Frequency transmitter can be used to operate the door opener however, we offer various other methods of control such as ‘No Touch’  Switches, Wall Switch or Swipe Tag Readers.

Tailored to meet your requirements

We tailor our equipment to suit the users need, so whether it is a fire door in a work place or sliding doors within the home we can configure the equipment to suit your needs/abilities.

As well as our individual door openers we manufacture Multi-door Door Openers, often needed in day centres and hospices as they can operate up to twenty doors, please contact us to discuss this as we can often make the installation/operation easier if we have better knowledge of the client needs.

We also work with listed buildings with unusual doors, which can be very heavy, irregular shape or have difficult locking devices.

Built to last

All of our equipment has been designed and manufactured with durability and easy of use in mind.

Doors we can work with include:

Double Door Openers

We have the facility to power two doors; for instance Patio/ French doors or inner and outer front doors.

In regards to patio/ French doors, the doors may be too narrow to provide wheelchair access so we have the ability to open both doors, one after the other.

In the case of an inner and outer door there may not be space between these doors for a wheelchair or scooter.

Double doors may need to be operated by others within the property, or released in the event of an emergency evacuation, which our Door Openers would enable as well as security being maintained.

As with our other types of Door Openers the Double Door Openers can be operated using a number of different methods such as ‘’No Touch’ Switches, Wall Switch or Swipe Tag Readers.

Sliding Doors

Ridley Electronics produce Sliding Door openers for Secure or Internal doors which are remotely controlled, in most cases the door will be required to enable access; possibly whilst using a wheelchair.

An External Sliding Door may be the principal method of access and egress, emergency escape or even just for ventilation, so it may need to be opened fully or inched open to provide fresh air but without blowing your papers around.

Where as a Sliding Door on an internal room could provided a solution to offering more space, therefore making it easier for someone in a wheelchair to manoeuvrer.

Most Sliding Doors are guided at the top, and we can provide a mechanism to pull and push the door open and closed, and then secure the door when closed to prevent unwanted visitors.

Our Sliding Door Openers can be fitted to single or double doors and they can be made of UPVC, Metal or Wood and ideally have a level threshold.

As with our individual Door Openers our Sliding Door Openers can be operated by a small hand held Radio Frequency transmitter, although we do offer various other methods of control such as ‘’No Touch’ Switches, Wall Switch or Swipe Tag Readers.

Multi-door Openers

For larger properties such as Offices, Retirement Homes, Day Centres or homes where there are many doors which require openers we manufacture Multi-door Openers.

Up to 25 doors may be powered by a Multi-door Power Pack, which can be located in a utility room or storage cupboard but still allows individual control each door on the system

The other major advantages of the Multi-Door System is that it is very quiet and adaptable.  It can serve doors on different floors and the opening/closing force and speed can be adjusted on each door giving the users a variety of options.

Whether the doors are secure or internal, used by many or a few, we have a system which can be used with ease, whether you are a person with disabilities or able bodied, as each door can be set up to suit a clients needs giving them a higher level of independence whether at home or at work.

The Doors in a Multi-Door System may be controlled by a variety of devices including hand held transmitters, smack down lever switches or Swipe Tag readers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my door still be opened Manually if it has one of your Door Openers on?

Yes, but if its from the outside, only key holder could gain access.

Does the Door Opener require a lot of space?

No – as a small mechanism can be placed between the door frame and the door its self.

Can your Door Opener open and close a door?

Yes- Even heavy Fire Doors

Prices Indication

In regards to costs our recommendation would be to call us on 01722 717 878 for a detailed quotation, however, a starting point for an individual Door Opener is in the order of £1,300.00 but this does not include installation costs or VAT.

Please note: If you are chronically sick or disabled person VAT may not be applicable.

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