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Curtain & Blind Pullers

Our Curtain and Blind Pullers can give the client independent control of their curtains or blinds with a hand held Transmitter or an appropriately sited Smack Down Lever Switch. 

Suitable for any Cord-pulled Curtains or Blinds

Our Curtain and Blind Pullers work in conjunction with any cord-pulled style of curtains or most style of blinds.

If the curtains have a cord pulled rail already there may be no need to replace the rail.

The mechanism will normally be hidden from view, behind the fall of the curtains.

Tailored to meet your requirements

Our Curtain and Blind Pullers can even operate so that the curtains/blinds can be opened or closed partially allowing the client to decide their position.

Easy to use

To Operate the Curtain or Blind Opener clients would press the Smack Down Lever Switch or Transmitter to open the Curtain/Blind, pressing the same switch/transmitter again will start the Curtain or Blind Puller operating in the reverse direction.

Built to last

All of our equipment has been designed and manufactured with durability and easy of use in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How close do need to be the curtain or blind in order to operate it?

A: The Curtain/Blind Puller System is best operated when in the line of site of the curtains or blinds.

Prices Indication

In regards to costs our recommendation would be to call us on 01722 717 878 for a detailed quotation, however, a starting point for a Curtain/Blind Puller on one window is in the order of £500.00,but this does not include installation costs or VAT.

Please note:- if you are chronically sick or disabled person VAT may not be applicable. ‘See terms and conditions’

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