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Smart Home Technology

Smart Technology is now prevalent in domestic properties up and down the United Kingdom and can help make using a variety of appliances, sockets or other features within a property accessible to all. They can be utilised through a smart phone or tablet, voice command or other hands free systems.

We both stock items that are available on request and have the ability to source and provide a variety of brands and products. This helps ensure that we are able to integrate seamlessly with current systems or any specific individual requirements.

Smart Doorbell Camera

Similar to our Door Latch Release System, we can install a doorbell camera which will stream audio and visual data through to any smart phone or tablet. This will allow you to be alerted to any visitor and also both see and speak to any visitor at the door. It can be integrated with our Smart Door Latch Release System.

Smart Home CCTV

We can supply and install both internal and external cameras that provide feedback through to any smartphone or tablet. They can be programmed to detect motion or they can be used as a vessel to talk through or listen in to the space.

Smart Sockets

Smart 13A outlets can be integrated into either one of our methods of control or a hands free system to allow for a user to be able to control individual sockets without the need to leave their chair.

Smart Controls

We can help install or integrate our equipment into any smart control system that you might want. We can facilitate: voice command, environmental control or any other hands free method.

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