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Window Openers

Ridley Window Openers provide the capability to open and close most types of windows with ease, despite their height or position in your home. They can be operated using a remote controlled transmitter or a switch local to the window.

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Suitable for any Windows

Our Window Opener’s can be fitted to Wooden, UPVC and Metal windows and they can be Casement, Roof-light (Velux®), Tilt & Turn or Sash, with one other option being a Sliding Window/Door (e.g. bifold® doors onto a garden).

Our window openers usually only open to a maximum of 200 mm, this is due to security so that if a window were at ground floor level uninvited guests cannot gain access.  The only exception to this would be in the case of a Sliding Door/Window because it would need to be able to open to the full width of the door/window if used for access for a wheelchair.

Easy to use

To Operate the Window Opener clients would press and hold the Smack Down Lever Switch/Transmitter to open the window; releasing the switch/transmitter when the window was. opened to the desired location, pressing the same switch/transmitter again will start the window operating in the reverse direction.

We often also find clients having a Window Openers may benefit from having our Ridley Electronics Curtain/Blind Puller, possibly using another button on the same control.

Built to last

All of our equipment has been designed and manufactured with durability and easy of use in mind.

Windows Styles we work with include:- 

  • Casement Window: Most Casement window are side hung, however some are top hung; thereby pushing the window at the bottom.
  • Roof-light (Velux®) Windows: Are often in a difficult location close to the roof, at unusual angles or at substantial height.
  • Tilt & Turn Windows: Open inwards, and will only be able to work in the Tilt or the Turn mode, so it is important to find out from the client/user which method works best for them.
  • Sash Windows: The Sash Window Opener has a twin pneumatic mechanism, one to each side of the window and normally only open the inside running sash. Many Sash Windows have been in place for a substantial period, and some time the windows move erratically due to having been painted in or re-glazed over the course of time.
  • Sliding Window: Occasionally we are asked about sliding windows and depending on their size they may be better served by our Sliding Door Opener.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can these be fitted to all opening window types?

A: Yes

Q: Can the window be pried open from the outside if fitted with a window opener?

A: No

Prices Indication

In regards to costs our recommendation would be to call us on 01722 717 878 for a detailed quotation, however, a starting point for a Single Casement Window Opener is in the order of £500.00 but this does not include installation costs or VAT.

Please note: If you are chronically sick or disabled person VAT may not be applicable. ‘See terms and conditions’

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