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Methods of Control

Our equipment can be operated by a wide range of methods which are designed to improve the client’s independence and quality of life no matter what their abilities. We believe remote technology is key in empowering people.

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Our range of control methods include Radio Frequency Transmitters, Wall Switches, Swipe Tag Readers, ‘No Touch’ Switches and SMART Technology meaning we can offer different functionalities to suit a client’s specific abilities even if their range of movement is limited.

Although we offer a wide range of methods of Controls, if these do not meet the client’s specific requirements we can look to modify the same to meet their needs e.g. large surface areas, low pressure, ‘no touch’ or speech.

Radio Frequency Transmitters

Radio Frequency Transmitters can be used to operate our Door and Window Openers as well as other equipment or devices you already have in your home. Our Transmitters come in a range of sizes; Miniature, Standard or Smack Down Lever meaning they can offer a method of operation to suit most client’s dexterity. They can also be used to operate more than one piece of equipment giving more independence. All of our Transmitters can operate our equipment from approximately 60 metres and if required they can be worn on a Lanyard or attached to a Keyring or velcroed to a Wheelchair or Scooter if this could assist the client.

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Transmitter Switches

We produce a range of radio frequency switches which can be programmed to operate any of our radio frequency equipment as well as some third party equipment. The most common switch requested by clients is our Radio Frequency Smack Down Lever Switch.

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Swipe Tag Readers

A client who requires a hands free method of operating our Door Openers may wish to consider either using our Short or Long Range Swipe Tag Reader(s) as they enable the Door open/close function to performed at a distance. They can also be used to provide a warning that someone may be about to enter an area which puts them, or others, at risk.

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Alternative Switching Methods

As you can see we offer a wide range of control methods for our equipment, and although Transmitters, Switches and Swipe Tag Readers are the most popular methods of control we can offer some alternatives as outlined below.

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