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Swipe Tag Readers

A client who requires a hands free method of operating our Door Openers may wish to consider either using our Short or Long Range Swipe Tag Reader(s) as they enable the Door open/close function to performed at a distance. They can also be used to provide a warning that someone may be about to enter an area which puts them, or others, at risk.

The Swipe Tags can have up 1 metre range but this can be adjusted to a higher or lower range depending on what would suit the client.

In some cases there will be a Reader on each side of the doorway, so as the client approaches it will first verify the clients identity and then instruct the door opener to open the door, thereby avoiding any intervention by the client or others.

Swipe Tags are ideal for group homes, day centres and hospices, as they enable the clients to have secure and independent access to parts of the buildings they require in a discreet manor.

Built to last

All of our methods of control for our equipment have been designed and manufactured with durability and easy of use in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the method of Operation be changed if my condition changes?


Prices Indication

In regards to costs our recommendation would be to call us on 01722 717 878, where we can have a detailed discussion regarding your requirements and then suggest which method of operation might be best for you, as each client has individual needs are different.  Once we have the necessary details which we can provide a detailed quotation.

Please note: If you are chronically sick or disabled person VAT may not be applicable.

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