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Transmitter Switches

We produce a range of radio frequency switches which can be programmed to operate any of our radio frequency equipment as well as some third party equipment. The most common switch requested by clients is our Radio Frequency Smack Down Lever Switch.

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Our Radio Frequency Smack Down Lever Switch offers a large, easy-to-use contact surface for those with limited fine motor movement. This is usually set to a light, easy-to-operate pressure to suit the users requirements. They are battery powered and therefore can be positioned at the users discretion, alternatively they can also be left unfixed. All switches can also be manufactured to be wired or as radio frequency, therefore avoiding unnecessary wiring.

Switches may enable a person to nudge the switch in a location that suits them, with any part of their body.

If control is required with uncommon methods or even with no physical contact, we can provide this and they can be adjusted to suit a client’s ability.  We are happy to speak to you about which control may be the best for the application you wish to operate.

Switches to operate our equipment can include:

  • Smack Down Lever Switch
  • Spring Switch
  •  No Touch Switch
  • Pull Switch
  •  Break Beam Detector Switches

No Touch Proximity Switches

A Proximity Switch allows a contact free method of control, we primarily use in conjunction with our Door and Window Openers.  They are actioned via a client raising their hand or limb close to the Proximity ‘No Touch’ Switch.  They offer an additional hygiene benefit following the COVID-19 pandemic as there is no surface contact required.

Some of the other switches we commonly recommend include:

  • Waterproof Switch
  • Spring Switch with either a goose-neck or a tripod
  • Pull Switch

Tailored to meet you needs

Although we offer a wide range of Transmitter Switches, if these do not meet the client’s specific requirements we can look to modify the same to meet their needs e.g. large surface areas, low pressure or speech.

Built to last

All of our methods of control for our equipment have been designed and manufactured with durability and easy of use in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the method of Operation be changed if my condition changes?


Prices Indication

In regards to costs our recommendation would be to call us on 01722 717 878, where we can have a detailed discussion regarding your requirements and then suggest which method of operation might be best for you, as each client has individual needs are different.  Once we have the necessary details which we can provide a detailed quotation.

Please note: If you are chronically sick or disabled person VAT may not be applicable.

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