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Security Equipment

We offer a range of methods to assist client’s with security.

Tailored to meet your requirements

Our Security Systems can be tailored to meet a client’s requirements whether this be to ensure someone can not get into a property or the facility to see a visitor who is at the door and whether you wish to let them in or not.

Built to last

All of our equipment has been designed and manufactured with durability and ease of use in mind.

Security options include:

Automated Locking Systems

Our Automated Locking System is multi-dimensional, it can either be used to keep someone in or keep someone out. We can install this system onto a door, gate, window, or cupboard which will ensure they can only be opened by a person who is in possession of a tag, if this is not the case they would remain in the secured state.

Maglock Locking System

The MagLock Locking System is an electromagnetic locking system which can be fitted to windows, any type of door including cupboard/storage units and draw units to offer additional peace of mind whether that be down to the need for extra security or to stop a person from injuring themselves.

Video Door Latch Release

Our Video Door Latch Release System allows a client to be alerted to a visitor at their door via a fixed video monitor which are placed in a convenient location within their home.   The monitor is connected to a doorbell camera or visitors panel which can be used to both see and speak to the visitor.  If the client wishes to let the visitor in the door may then be released using a button on the monitor or via a Transmitter. Additional monitors can be added so the client can be informed of any visitors at all times.

Prices Indication

With regards to costs, our recommendation would be to call us on 01722 717 878 for a detailed quotation as we would need to establish the most appropriate system for you.

Please note: if you are a chronically sick or disabled person VAT may not be applicable.

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